Benefit backdating rules

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The date your claim will start depends on how and when you claim HB or CTS.

For HB and CTS we normally start your claim from the Monday after you first made contact with us or the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), but only if you return a properly completed claim form within one month of us issuing it.

However, this is not true for most people living in homeless hostels and supported housing who will continue to get their rent paid via Housing Benefit.

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Some examples of when you may have "good cause" are: Your claim will be considered by a Benefits Officer.The backdating scheme involved moving an effective date for the exercise of stock options from when the options were 'out of the money' to a date that made the options 'in the money' to allow certain executives to exercise their options profitably.Companies such as Comverse, Verisign, F5 Networks, Intuit and Mc Afee - as well as Home Depot, Michael's Stores and United Health Group, to name a few - all engaged in this fraudulent activity to varying degrees and were forced to pay fines and penalties and conduct time-consuming and expensive restatements of their books.They recommended that: “if the Government still wishes to make an early reduction in the backdating period, a three month period would strike a better balance between the aim of security an expenditure saving and recognition of the substantial differences between Housing Benefit legacy and Universal Credit positions.” The Government has rejected that advice, so from April 2016, Housing Benefit claims will only be backdated for a maximum of one month, regardless of reason.Although they have stated that by the time the change comes in the “.

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