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's fourth series - and it's looking like the latest episodes of the BBC drama are going to be particularly rewarding for fans who've been meticulously combing through the show for details since its 2010 premiere.This morning (December 24), BBC Breakfast aired a mini- special, complete with interviews with the show's stars Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman, Amanda Abbington and creators Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat, and they're all sticking to the same story that this series will bring together a number of different threads.1 and production for the upcoming Season 4 just wrapped in August.“Sherlock” has been nominated for 34 Primetime Emmy Awards and has won seven of the nominations, including outstanding made for television movie and outstanding casting for a limited series, movie, or special in 2014. I was thinking at the time: "If somebody walked by now…! I don't know if people are attuned to the idea we might be spinning them deliberate red herrings. You meet ones that say, "I've seen a couple of them." There's only 13 [episodes] now. It's been a BBC show, they supported it in the first place.This season is the first time Sherlock has hired a female director, Rachel Talalay, to helm the first episode, "The Six Thatchers." Was it important to have a more diverse directing pool? She's done wonderful work on , so she was a natural choice and she was keen to do it. You want someone to say, "I love this show, I want to do this show."In the first episode, six busts of Margaret Thatcher are suspiciously broken. [The story is based on Conan Doyle's 1904 Sherlock story .] We wanted to have fun with it and update it. If Benedict or Martin or any of us were that greedy we'd already not be doing the show. Have you an idea of how the plot would develop in a fifth season?"It's very intense, and when we read the three episodes, all of us just went 'Ah! '" "There are certain clues, or plot points or spoilers," Gatiss explained, "that we literally never write down in case they get out."They're never present in the script, so there's no danger of them being leaked." earlier this year where Moffat guaranteed a proper resolution and climax at the end of this series, and Benedict reinforced that a full commitment to the show so far will yield big results.

It's a tribute to their loyalty and to the vitality of show that they do it at all.

To find out all about Newsweek : You've teased that this season will be a "story about to reach its climax." Is this really the end, or just another one of your famous red herrings? Mark Gatiss: We did , because we couldn't get everyone together for a [full season].

Steven Moffat: You were always going to say that, weren't you? Everyone would love to carry on—the will is so much there.

And, according to Cumberbatch, some of these threads are "remarkably long-term in their planning".

"We're getting pay-offs in this series that are to do with how this began," he adds.

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