Beginner dating guide

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If you’re worried about keeping things flowing, consult social media beforehand so you can ask relevant, open-ended questions to your double daters — about a recent vacation, any big life news they may have announced, even a restaurant they recently checked into.And once you’ve gotten the ball rolling, stay engaged — research has shown that people who ask follow-up questions are generally seen as more responsive, caring, and understanding.“It can add opportunities for conversation and perspective that you might not have had while existing in your little bubble of just the two of you,” she says.I can vouch for this: When my husband and I go out with another couple, I’m always amazed at the stories he shares that I’ve never heard before. Research supports the idea that double dates can energize your union.“It’s not unusual for couples to start withdrawing inward and becoming a society of two,” he says.

Of course, no matter how you decide to find that Mr. Right, it is important that you pay attention to dating safety.

We look at a few date ideas that can help turn your first date into a success; we also talk about the best way to behave after the first date —and during the second date, if you are fortunate enough to get one!

Finally, there are articles about specific aspects of dating, such as teen dating and senior dating; reading personals or writing a personal ad of your own; flirting and dealing with jealousy.

This site contains a large number of dating-related articles, sometimes written from a female perspective, sometimes a little "tongue-in-cheek" —but always with a good dose of common sense.

The first article asks you about your dating objectives, in other words: What do you want from romance?

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