Aspie dating

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An aspie tends to have a lot of personality quirks that leads them to feel that relationships are futile.

These numerous difficulties make them generally pessimistic about their prospects in a romantic relationship, and given their logical but very linear mindset, a breakup is of no great consequence to them, so it’s easy for them to move on.

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That’s how she copes with it, and soon enough, I knew better than to bring it up.Because it defies easy-to-follow logic, aspies don’t really understand the big idea of romance—but then, who does? ^______^There was no lingering anger or jealousy once she realized there was no logical reason to be jealous. I think this speaks for itself, but to elaborate, innuendo, the kind that’s not necessarily sexual, doesn’t go well with them because they take your words only at face value. When I got full, she refused to stop feeding me, and she got so annoyed she poked me pretty hard with the fork and I started bleeding.This doesn’t mean they can never be sweet or romantic, though. Her friends were horrified, but she indignantly looked at me and said, “Your fault.Just as men and women are different, just as a guy who likes sports and a geek who likes comics are different, aspies and people without Asperger’s (often referred to as neurotypical, or NT for short) are different.These differences manifest themselves in different ways, but the key thing to understand is that aspies are not necessarily disabled or impaired, and can function quite well in society, regardless of difficulties. Princess graduated from college earlier this year, and is taking her second major.

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