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For reasons I’m not gonna bore you with here, my parents primed me—albeit not deliberately—for a mindset not oriented towards the Chinese social context.It was never their intention to white-wash my brain, but the result was nonetheless that my exposure to the Chinese community was fairly limited.It didn’t help that I disagreed with a lot of the conventions and values communicated by the Chinese community when I grew up.It also certainly didn’t help that I actively stayed away from anything remotely resembling my cultural heritage after I had a clean break with my parents due to my coming out.Or maybe it was more like me moving in and out of contexts that were void of anything Chinese and I chose not to pursue it.It’s amazing how honor-based violence messes with your head.In terms of my experiences as a young gay Asian American, a lot is negative.Many guys I try to talk to just straight up won’t respond to me.

Ivy Ngeow (@ivyngeow) Well, I think it’s made a stereotype of me as a frugal, piano-playing girl who’s a great cook and who wants to marry a doctor, lawyer or engineer. And after thinking about it on and off for a day, I think it comes down to one main factor: my parents.

Amy Truong (@generic_dreams) Being Asian and a woman has allowed me to date many types of people.

I’ve dated mostly Asian and mixed (Asian/white) men but have dated Peruvian, Persian, white and black.

Any guy who has dated me with any type of Asian women stereotype quickly found out that I’m not submissive at all (have a crazy temper actually).

I would rather the guy cook (although I’ve been learning the past year, haha).

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