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Read more → It’s always given me great joy to have an open mind to the life experiences of others, and to not judge, both which have served me well.

Recently I befriended a local Thai girl who worked in the bar scene of Bangkok for several years and it was one of the most eye-opening discussions I have had in recent times.…

So, how does a guy go about meeting girls in India and finding a girlfriend? Firstly, get a little bit of background research under your belt and start by knowing what it is that you are looking…

Read more → India is world famous for women of stunning beauty and, I am sure you will agree after checking out this photo gallery.

Updated: Friday, June 1, 2018 Read more → Malaysia is a very special country, culturally rich, traditional, yet diverse. Read more → Heading to Indonesia and you’d like to meet up with some girls, right? I’m going to tell you where to do that, exactly, for good times and short times, PLUS, I’m going to introduce where you and how you can meet real girls for genuine love and relationships.

If you are heading there to meet girls, seeking a girlfriend in Malaysia, perhaps even a girl to one day marry, or even a chance fling or hookup, then this is a must-read for you. I can’t do any of that without first introducing a little…

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Ok, I think you already know that Thai woman are stunningly beautiful, well, get ready to take that to another level. From my perspective, most foreign men are attracted to the women in my country because they view us as women who are great cooks, physically attractive, caring and traditional.

Today we have scoured through Instagram and present to you what we believe are the hottest Thai girls on Instagram. I’m sure after looking through the list your not going to have any objections. The first three descriptions may be spot on but the last one (traditional) has room for debate due to influences from other cultures. Read more → If you truly want to impress a Filipino girl, and I mean a real Filipino lady, not the girl standing out the front of the bar in the tight shorts with the loose top and come-on smile, then, read on.

Read more → Recently someone asked, “Are Laos girls beautiful?

” to which the reply was “of course, are you some kind of stupid? Jokes aside, this introduces just how beautiful Laos girls are.

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