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You’ll be mad that you’re so sad, mad that you wasted so much time, and mad that you’re mad over someone that is now out of your life.

Sadly, the truth is that you really don’t have feelings for these people, ever.

They are definitely not the most fun things in the world.

If you’ve ever put yourself out there and gotten into the dating world, you’ve been there: the place where you feel like you’ll end up all alone, with nothing to accompany your journey, other than an excessive amount of cats, too many empty buckets of ice cream, and the ever-present glow of your laptop screen. You spend so much time with one person that you think could be “the one,” and then one day, you wake up and have to just cut them out of your life, as if they never made a mark.

This isn’t necessarily a bad stage and it’s okay to spend some time here. Getting through this stage really just involves removing all of their belongings and photos, and putting them either in the trash, or a safe place, if you want to keep some memories. So you’ve just gotten rid of all their stuff and are “ready” to go out and find yourself someone new!

You’ll most likely hit the town and bring home someone only semi-worthy of your time, so you can forget your ex for a little while.

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