Areas and iterations not updating

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Start by setting up some labels with dropdowns (I normally put these off to the side and outside the print range…but that doesn’t sit nice with the screen resolution I like to work with on this blog): Then, set up the dropdowns using Excel data validation: First, the report period.

See for a look at my thoughts on dashboard visualization.) This is a slightly iterative process that starts with the setup of the Data tab.

Define a new range with a Workbook scope that encompasses all the columns and all of the rows of data (starting at row 3): There are lots of ways to dynamically define Main Data.

You can just drag a big area if you want, but this is a slightly more elegant approach.

Let’s leave the first row alone — this is where we will populate the “current value,” which we’ll get to later.

I like to use a simple shading schema to clearly denote which cells will get updated with data and which ones never really need to be touched.

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