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They won’t smile in the face of people who don’t make them happy. I’m nothing special” when you complimented an alpha female, you’re in for a surprise.They won’t ask how someone is doing when they don’t care how that person is doing. Alpha females have no problem accepting compliments.If an alpha female notices a teenager doesn’t give up his seat on the bus to an elderly individual, she’ll speak up.

Alpha females don’t compare themselves to other women or compare women to themselves.In a world where dainty females that need a strong man to their rescue is preferred, dating the alpha female can be difficult. There are few times where we are the damsel in distress. If we feel like someone is playing with us, we are quick to call them out and remind them that we will drop them in a heart beat.However, speaking as an advocate for alpha females across the world, we are the best kind of girl. We are highly independent and pride ourselves on being self-reliant and self-sufficient. We take the lead, and are determined to get things done.4. We are quite fluent in sarcasm and aren't afraid to take a sarcastic tone with anyone. We also aren't completely scared of bringing up uncomfortable topics that need to be discussed. We try to be the best at everything, and if we aren't the best, then we work until we are.w=153&h=153 153w, w=378&h=378 378w" sizes="(max-width: 420px) 100vw, 420px" /to read the reviews.If she deems the place unsuited for her, she is going to look up something else and give you fact-based reasons it’s better.

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