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According to the Arbatel, the universe is divided into 196 Olympic Provinces (the first edition of the grimoire gave 186 as the number, but this appears to have been a printer’s error that was corrected in later editions).

The provinces are ruled by seven governors who divide the number of provinces unequally among them.

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Olympic Spirits Spirits who dwell in the firmament and stars who govern the operations of the world.

The Olympic Spirits are discussed in the Arbatel of Magic, a GRIMOIRE of anonymous origin and Christian influences dating to the 16th century.

The governors preside over both operations in the natural world and also certain magical operations.

The Arbatel states that correct pronunciation of the spirits’ names is not necessary in magical work with them.

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Event : Hollywood Centerpieces Top Hat Mask Centerpiece.Rather, the magician should call upon their offices and not use names at all, except for those given directly by the evoked spirits.Thus, different writers gave variations in the names of the Olympic Spirits, as well as variations in the details of their offices and other characteristics.In addition, antics, lollygagging and tomfoolery of the highest degree should not only be encouraged but produced within these confines.This necessary evil is to challenge the current devolution of our society.

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