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Then go to your reader and paste it in the relevant place.See the documentation for your reader for precise instructions on how to subscribe to the feed you have chosen.On your i Pad or Mac, you can find Following content in the sidebar.In Following, you'll also see a list of the topics and channels that you're already following and suggestions from Siri or based on your reading behavior in the News app.Click on the link to any of the RSS feeds listed below. Either subscribe to this page within your browser via the instructions on-screen.Or, if you wish to use an RSS reading app, simply copy the URL of this page from the address bar in your browser.

Make sure to update your i Phone, i Pad, or i Pod touch and update your Mac to get the latest version of the News app.

RSS stands for “Really Simple Syndication” or “Rich Site Summary.” It’s a document specification that allows you to easily collect and organize web-based news and information from websites in a standardized format commonly called a feed, which is like a bookmark that actively updates itself.

You can subscribe to RSS feeds using a tool called an RSS feed reader.

With Apple News, you can read interactive and engaging stories from a large variety of publications (or channels) across a broad range of topics such as Entertainment, Politics, Food, or Science.

The more you read, the better Apple News gets at understanding your interests.

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