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You can send up to 765 characters and include one piece of multimedia content that is up to 300KB in file size all for the cost of 1 MMS credit.If you were to send the equivalent through SMS, it could consume 5 credits.At-least for me Text Em Now is no.1 tool for sending prank messages to my friends…However before using Text Em you should ensure that you follow their Terms of Services…They have a basic term that is simple to be understood by anyone… Just don’t use them for doing frauds or misleading people or you can easily get into trouble…

With an inbox managed by your company, you can rest assured that no inbound message will ever be missed.Use it to include picture messages, audio files, video clips and other media in your communications.To see our MMS online services in action, text SHOWME to 66777 and we’ll send you our demo message.You can analyse the performance of your campaigns with our built in the reporting tool.Whether you’re an estate agency or a car dealership, sending visual content online can make a real difference to your sales and customer experience.

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