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However, he frequently gets into bad situations with it that result into crash landings.Suddenly, a meteoroid flies right into the spaceship and damages it.Mona calls her three animals for help, the Elephantthe Piggy and the Chimp.They put the police cars out of action, especially her Chimp who turns many cars upside down with his banana peels.Orbulon Orbulon is an alien of unknown origin who once plotted to take over Diamond City's planet which he calls " Earth ", but settled down there when his UFO crashed the city.

Later, they presented the game to their manager, who said "okay" to the idea.The school is out and 9-Volt goes home with his skateboard. Next to 9-Volt is an oversized Game Boy and a grabber pops a cartridge into it.Being excited by this, 9-Volt leaves the house, his skateboard transforms into a hoverboard and the gamer rushes to the next store.The game features all of the same microgames as the Game Boy Advance version, but the microgames are set up in competitive environments for two to four players rather than an environment for one player.There are three modes - the first is Endless, which places the player in a randomly generated course, requiring him or her to guide a paper airplane through it as it descends, attempting to get as far down as possible; Time Attack, which places the player in pre-created tracks, requiring them to get down to a certain point as fast as possible; and Race Mode, a two-player competition that is played on one DSi, with one player using the d-pad and the other using the face buttons. He is commonly seen with a cell phone and likes to collect ring tones. As usual, Jimmy goes to Club Sugar at night and starts dancing and lets his cell phone play a ring tone.

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