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Adam Steltzner: 20 meters above the surface, we have to lower the rover below us- on a tether thats 21 feet long.

And then deposit it, on its wheels, on the surface.

(whoosh) (music -tension/drums steadily building) Adam Steltzner: We slam into the atmosphere and develop so much aerodynamic drag, our heat shield, it heats up and it glows like the surface of the sun. Miguel San Martin: During entry, the vehicle is not only slowing down- violently, though the atmosphere, but also we are guiding it, like an airplane!

to be able to land in a very narrow, constrained space.

Volunteers will be present to assist in getting as many recyclable items as possible into the designated bins for collection.

For safety reasons, baby joggers/strollers, bicycles, roller skates, in-line skates, and dogs will be prohibited from the course. Children under age 10 must be accompanied by an adult.

Its like a big lens cap, blocking our view of the ground to the radar.

Steve Lee: At that point we have to get that heat shield off.Grills, cooking appliances, and glass bottles are strictly prohibited in Lake Eola Park as well.Please do not dump any objects or liquid into the lake or dump ice onto the grass. One company banner may be displayed within the structure of a rented tent. and the computer has to do it all by itself, with no help from the ground.If any one thing doesnt work just right, its game over.

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