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I’ve experienced different cultures and have made amazing connections with people all around the world.

Miss Travel has been the most influential website in my life!

Straightforward as it sounds: When someone gives a "Like" to your profile, you will be notified about it right away by email.

What you can expect from More Dates is not only to find someone who likes your Profile, but that can be that significative other and be your long lasting love or someone that has a very interesting and friendly profile. Even more, from that "Like" you will be able to start establishing your preferences and finding your true "Match".

View their profiles, find a friendly person matching your interest, start dating and spending time with your future match.

Get to know each other via text messages, find similarities and see if your personalities match.

Find your match and start a new relationship with a loving partner! Your profile creating is as easy and fast as your registration, and once you bring it up, you are all set on the romantic path to find true love.

Your Profile is the triggering point here, for finding your other half within your city, or who knows, maybe even in other cities or countries. We have good news for you: Your Profile is going to be shared to all More Dates members worldwide and all of this as part of the basic membership!

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