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They concluded that pilots tend to exhibit 24 traits.

Traits are the ways that we typically respond to given situations.

To keep things honest, I told her I did not want to see her choices. Do we become pilots because our DNA defines us with these pilot personality characteristics or do we become pilots and our personalities change? Being unemotional helps pilots deal with crises, but can make them insensitive toward the feelings of others.

This emotional “block” can create difficulty communicating.

You can’t quite put your finger on it, but he seems cop-like.

What are the signals that pilots radiate that non-pilots don’t?

See full summary » Experienced British spy must retrieve a defecting Soviet scientist from Turkey.

When a pretty female innocent bystander gets kidnapped by mistake by his enemies, he feels responsible and decides to help her as well.

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The story about an extremely talented and experienced pilot who also happens to be an alcoholic would be the set-up for the Robert Zemeckis feature Flight starring Denzel Washington (although Washington played a drug addict as well).In fact, the most memorable parts are just the beautifully shot scenes of flying above the desert. As I am sitting in an FBO drinking their free coffee (and wondering how often they clean the coffee pot), I watch pilots and passengers drifting in and out of the waiting area and most of the time I can tell who is a pilot and who is a passenger.In this tense story of an unusual romantic triangle, middle-aged Ann (Vanessa Redgrave) and her teenage daughter Joanna (Susan George) manage a failing hotel on an island off the British ...See full summary » Our Pilot, Mike Hagan is a great pilot, careful, thoughtful and uses his knowledge of flying to see trouble and avoid it. Unlike the movie "Flight", Mike realizes his problem and is determined to "save himself".

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