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This sentence is an abstract of the article by Howard Ross titled "How unconscious bias affects everything you do".

To explain why it is important to ask ourselves a few questions about our hidden biases before making big decisions, Ross explains the theory of unconscious bias focusing mainly on gender bias.

But who – besides sociologists, gerontologists, psychologists, and researchers – really know about it?

Ageism seems a matter for professionals while it has to deal with all of us. I see ageism manifested in a wide range of phenomena, on both individual and institutional levels—stereotypes and myths, outright disdain and dislike, simple subtle avoidance of contact, and discriminatory practices in housing, employment, and services of all kinds (Butler, 1989; Butler, 2005).

Aging bias is cross-race, cross-gender, cross-national, and - given the global demographic growth - it is going to affect more and more people.

On top of this, it is one of the most accepted and hard to detect.

I have been asked if I remembered a staff member I had spoken to just the day before.

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“Denigrate” is not overused here: Tv shows, locker-talk, advertising, even venture capitalist agendas are far from considering as a positive issue.

A discrimination that accordingly to two different studies (see Mason, Kuntz & Mc Gill, 2015; Ng, Allore, Trentalange, Monin & Levy, 2015) have increased in negativity across 200 years.

The graph above shows the birth of the word "ageism" as coined by Butler in 1969.

Walking the corridors for exercise, I have been asked if I was lost.

I have been asked if I knew why I was in the hospital.

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