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I like watching her having sex with other men and she loved having other men fuck her while i watched. Swinging is what you make it out to be and the scenarios are endless.

Here is a solution for you that no one seems to be bringing up My wife and I are swingers, we think most vanilla (non-swingers) look at the lifestyle to be a free for all. Your fantasy is just one of many that is played out a lot in the lifestyle!

However she does compromise by incorporating some RP of my fantasy into our sex sometimes which is so incredibly hot to me.

Very often I'll have her describe for me, in as much detail as she's comfortable with, her sexual encounters with other men before we met which is equally as arousing to me.

Loved watching her take his cock in her hand & stroke it before she looked at me, smiled and took it down her throat to suck on. My wife and I are both 41 and we have been very happily married for 10 years though we've been together for a total of 15.Our sex life has it's ups and downs like anyone else's but generally it's been pretty great.It was such a turn on hearing her cumming and groaning another guy's name, at which point i'd get on top of her and fuck her myself, keeping her blindfold on and having her rp that i was another man.Kind of amazes me after all that that at least the slightest curiosity about it doesn't cross her mind. But we've been together 18 years, and I want to see a strange dick in that tight pussy. Told her I don't even have to be there if she'll tell me about it while I fuck her fresh fucked count or masturbate. My wife and i talked about doing this one night and we both ended up so turned on by it that we just had to try it once.

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