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It doesn't take a psychologist to know what men want.

But give a whole lot of them a whole lot of time and you begin to understand the considerable nuance that governs what men want.

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The mothers may have hidden their pregnancies, fearful of what would happen if their families found out.Because they were afraid and had nowhere to turn for help, they abandoned their babies. But with Safe Haven, this tragedy doesn't ever have to happen again.Abandoning a baby puts the child in extreme danger. Safe Haven laws and locations are only for infants.For the study they recruited young women to approach male students at random and have a brief conversation. Meanwhile just half the men agreed to go out sometime. We want them like that old Army poster with the finger pointing outward. We want you like we're all Uncle Sam, and dammit if the Germans aren't at it again. This is laboratory science talking—not Hallmark or four martinis.Average-looking women, mind you—"moderately attractive," even "slightly unattractive"—in casual clothes. It was important that the young man remain coherent. Extrapolating the finding to the real world means that on any given first date, the man would sooner sleep with the hostess than dine with his companion. Pack up the lab equipment, please, shut off the lights, and move on to more important behavioral studies. And our motives for sex have diversified (as have women's)—a reality Hatfield now calls "one of our planet's most important new developments." We want sex, but sometimes we want it to enhance the emotional relationship.

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