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I was introduced to box squatting, Zercher squats, Paul Dicks presses and many other exercises I'd never seen or even heard about before.

We even had to make up our own names for some exercises since we'd never seen them before.

If you spend all your time trying to reason why something will or will not work, then you may miss out on a great opportunity. It's taken us five years to figure out why we think chains and bands work.

We had to do some research into the force velocity curve and individual strength curves. Mel Siff and went back and re-read texts by Roman, Zatsiorsky, Bompa and others.

However, at the very least, they'll open your mind to different, unconventional methods that may also have some application to bodybuilding as opposed to just powerlifting.

If you were to ask me what advancement has made the greatest impact on our training at Westside Barbell in the past five years, I'd have to say accommodating resistance.

The chains had taken my squat from 760 to 855 in 12 months and I wasn't ready to change. I became the guinea pig and within the next few months squatted my first 900.

Well, if you've ever trained at Westside you know two things are for certain. Five of my teammates soon followed and 23 have now squatted 800.

(Despite this powerlifting emphasis, the average guy under his tutelage puts on 30 to 40 pounds in the first year.) In Dave's last article he taught you the art of box squatting.The key has always been matching up the right movements with the individual sticking points.When I came to Westside there were only three 800-pound squatters.I figured he'd say something in regard to flexibility training or partner assisted exercises. He told me he wanted to attach them to weighted barbells, an idea suggested to him by Dave Williams of Liberty University.I thought we were going to be flirting with disaster and didn't want any part of it.

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