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For example, the teacher can request the student to complete only odd-numbered problems or items with stars by them, or can provide responses to several items and ask the student to complete the rest.

Finally, the teacher can divide a worksheet into sections and instruct the student to do a specific section.

It is important to identify accommodations that are reasonable to ask of teachers in all classroom settings.

The following accommodations appear reasonable and provide a framework for helping students with learning problems achieve in general education and special education classrooms.

A worksheet is divided easily by drawing lines across it and writing go and stop within each section. If a student is easily distracted by visual stimuli on a full worksheet or page, a blank sheet of paper can be used to cover sections of the page not being worked on at the time.

Also, line markers can be used to aid reading, and windows can be used to display individual math problems. If an adolescent can read a regular textbook but has difficulty finding the essential information, the teacher can mark this information with a highlight pen. In consumable materials in which students progress sequentially (such as workbooks), the student can make a diagonal cut across the lower right-hand corner of the pages as they are completed.

It helps the reader understand the main ideas and sort out the numerous details related to the main ideas.

A reading guide can be developed paragraph-by-paragraph, page-by-page, or section-by-section.

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Also, the teacher can reduce the amount of work when it appears redundant.Whether you're looking for a house, thinking about a flat, or researching the best halls in your university city, just use our online search engine to find somewhere that's right for you.Perhaps you're looking for somewhere close to campus, or you need bills included to make your budget work - whatever you're looking for, we'll help you find it.Frequently, paraprofessionals, volunteers, and students can help develop and implement various accommodations.Material accommodations include the following: Use a tape recorder.

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