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The results were compared with either 10 control subjects with no visual impairment or normative literature values where available.

Regarding the dynamic parameters, responses in those with m TBI were slowed and exhibited fatigue effects.

These findings suggest that a range of accommodative tests should be included in the comprehensive vision examination of individuals with m TBI.

Key words: accommodation, accommodative dysfunction, brain injury, head injury, rehabilitation, TBI, traumatic brain injury, vision, vision rehabilitation, visual dysfunction.

With respect to static parameters, reduced accommodative amplitude and abnormal accommodative interactions were found in those with m TBI.

These results provide further evidence for the substantial impact of m TBI on accommodative function.

Vergence accommodation also provides a large contribution to the overall accommodative response.

Email: Accommodation refers to the change in shape and curvature of the crystalline lens of the eye that occurs when an individual attempts to obtain and maintain a focused, high-resolution retinal image of an object of regard [1], including changing focus from far-to-near and near-to-far. Blur-driven, or reflex, accommodation likely provides a large contribution to the overall accommodative response.

presents a brief summary of the neural pathway of the blur-driven aspect of the accommodative system.

Since the accommodative neural pathway is extensive, any injury to the multitude of brain and contiguous neural structures may adversely affect the accommodative system.

These latter two components provide only a small contribution to the overall accommodative response under normal viewing conditions [5].

The four components interact nonlinearly to produce the overall dynamic and static accommodative response [5].

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