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The cam allows the cam machine to produce variable resistance by the use of a chain, cable, or belt that tracks over the high and low spots on the kidney shaped cam so that the distance between the cam's axle, which is the point of rotation, and the weight stack varies.The supposed purpose is to allow the muscle to be equally worked through all ranges of motion.

For example, a heavier weight will have a longer acceleration phase than a lighter load.

Accommodating resistance can also be used to work around injuries.

From elbow pain to knee pain, accommodating resistance will allow the load at vulnerable ranges of motion to be minimized.

For example, if you had a maximal squat of 400lbs, it would simply mean that at your weakest point of your movement you could lift 400lbs (A one rep max is a representation of the maximal strength of your weakest position).

So, theoretically the points at which are not considered your sticking point might actually not be having to produce maximal amounts of force and therefore you might be leaving some strength on the table.

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