Accommodating lenses for cataracts

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During this time, they should avoid strenuous exercise or anything else that significantly raises blood pressure.

They should visit their ophthalmologists regularly for several months to monitor the IOL implants.

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IOL implantation carries several risks associated with eye surgeries, such as infection, loosening of the lens, lens rotation, inflammation and nighttime halos, but a systematic review of studies has determined that the procedure is safer than conventional laser eye treatment.

Some of the risks that FDA have been found so far during a three-year study of the Artisan are: One of the causes of the risks above is that the lens can rotate inside the eye if the PIOL is too short, if the eye was incorrectly measured, or because the sulcus has a slightly oval shape (the height is slightly smaller than the width).

Toric IOLs must be powered and aligned inside the eye on a meridian that corrects the patient's preexisting astigmatism.

During cataract surgery, your physician will replace your natural lens with an IOL.

Today there are multiple types of IOLs, each delivering a different performance profile based on how the lens is designed.

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