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If possible, store your pill box in a place where you’ll see it throughout the day (though out of reach of children or others who don’t need to get into your pills.) This will provide you with a gentle reminder of your pills at multiple times throughout the day.

If you frequently forget pills because you’re away from home when your alarm goes off, consider setting up a cache of pills that you can carry with you when you’re away from the house.

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This can be especially taxing during the back-to-school season; not only does heading back to school require a transition from the routines of the summer, but it also means going into a new set of classes where they don’t know what to expect.If you have a pill that has to be taken with meals, you’re more likely to remember it than pills you take at other times.This is due in large part to the fact that your meds become associated with something that you do every day.If you mess up the timing on any of your pills, it can set you up for a very rough day.Given the importance of taking your meds on time, it stands to reason that you’ll want to find things that help you remember.

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