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I’m telling you this, not to alarm you but to prepare you.It’s likely your ex meant what they said, but meant it in the moment only.

It’s possible you feel that you’ve “caught them” in a contradiction and that once you remind them of what they said and point out the contradiction that they will apologize and right the wrong. Your ex feels no accountability to anything he or she promised you while you were in the relationship. You still likely feel committed to the relationship, believing that when your ex comes to their senses that your faithfulness will be appreciated and recognized by them.By telling you that they aren’t ready for a relationship with anyone, they believe this will be easier for you to take and will, therefore, lead to fewer questions or concerns.But I’ve seen it too many times over the last two decades that an ex who says they aren’t ready for a relationship with “anyone” starts dating someone new in just a couple of weeks.They feel that they are the prize and that you are the pursuer.As I’ve explained many times before, we all want our own prize.

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