21st century dating tips

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It's like, this fear of being hurt has spawned having your heart guarded at all times, and the type of persona that arises from this state is celebrated.I've stated this on another thread, outside of Tinder I've actually had decent success honestly.

I get the point that in this way, you might get hurt faster, but at least you did try. Most of the time when I do reach out, the other person responds quickly... Hopefully you’ll find someone that will connect with you on all levels of your being that will allow you to feel happy and satisfied.People are becoming masters at saying what we want to hear...and being that most of our communication is through a screen, we have time to process, think and then come up with responses, so they are not very natural.Once I find one I like, then I will be 100% monogamous, but for now, I am part of the 21st century dating scene... I personally believe that having multiple dates a week is part of the problem.On your first date you may be focused, but on your second date you will have the person of the first date in the back of your head.

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