20 funniest moments online dating history

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” Then she drops the food on their table and says, “Enjoy your, uh, thing.” Fine dining at its worst, and funniest.

And to keep the good times rolling, don’t miss these 100 Awesome Facts About Everything.

Unless it means giving up his gorgonzola croissant sandwiches, heavy on the Grey Poupon. Larry David, everyone’s favorite curmudgeon, didn’t make a convincing case to his psychiatrist when explaining why he didn’t need therapy anymore.

When he realizes his hypocrisy, he decides to make a change… He wasn’t just feeling good, he assured the doctor, he was “feeling pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty good.” All those extra adjectives became an instant shorthand for overselling something that you may not entirely believe.

When the red carpet runs out, Leslie and her staff have to slip and slide towards the podium, to a constant loop of Gloria Estefan’s “Get On Your Feet.” It’s sublime physical comedy, which ends with a three-legged dog peeing on Ron Swanson’s leg.

If you think the best way to make a first impression on an online dating profile is take a picture of yourself covered in hornet stings, and confess your love of milksteak, ghouls, and magnets, then you’re either insane or a character from this madcap sitcom.

And for more classic TV moments, here are the 30 Oscars Telecast Jokes That Totally Bombed.

funniest) way possible, with a rally at an ice hockey rink.

On top of his obsession for joining the cast of Blue Man Group, he also suffered from a rare psychological condition called Never-Nudeness — “It affects dozens of people,” he insisted. ” — in which he was never comfortable being completely naked.

Whether in the shower or at the doctor’s office, he would only strip down to a pair of super-tight cut-off jean shorts.

It doesn’t go as planned, despite his cries of “Pivot! When Marge remarks to Homer than their children are seeming despondent about a day that didn’t go as planned, the patriarch turns to them and says, “Kids, you tried your best and you failed miserably. ” The stunned bartender responded, “Little early for a beer?

” Norm shot back, without missing a beat, “No, for stupid questions.” Classic.

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