1938 dating guide for single women

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[Read: 10 signs your past lovers are stopping you from having a better relationship today] #4 Don’t be a drama queen. [Read: 50 relationship questions that can test your compatibility instantly] #5 If it’s not working, leave it!

Some things are worth fighting for, but a new relationship? Don’t get into a relationship with second thoughts, and don’t hold on to relationships that you know has to end eventually because you don’t see a happy future in it.

[Read: 25 memorable life lessons you always need to remember] #8 Be stress free.

Guys can instinctively recognize a girl who is stress-free.

Look for the right guy, but don’t put your life on hold while trying to find him. As long as you’re looking in the right direction, you’re bound to see the right person in the horizon soon enough.

Don’t be hasty, and at the same time, don’t feel let down because you aren’t dating someone right now. And remember, your happiness draws happy people to you while your negativity will leave you surrounded by miserable people .

[Read: 12 really important things guys like in a girl besides her appearance] #12 Don’t fake your personality.For a guy, nothing makes him feel more like a man than when he believes he’s taking care of you.When you’re with a guy, and you want him to fall for you and feel protective towards you, you need to let him take care of you.You don’t have to always play hard to get, as long as you are still in control of your own heart until both of you can get to know each other better.Guys don’t always fall in love the same way girls do, and a guy would place a bigger priority on getting a girl to like him, instead of just falling head over heels for her in the first place.

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