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Make sure she understands that she doesn't need a boyfriend to prove anything to herself or anybody else. Around here if you are "going out", it just means you tell people you are "going out", you talk on the phone and maybe go hang around the mall under parental supervision. Again, a lot of this depends on the maturity level of the child. Even when I was old enough to have a boy over (only 1 throughout high school) we had to remain in the living room or in the garden (if parents were there). (08/28/2007) By Michawn I think you should be proud of a daughter that is comfortable and trusting enough to come to you first. Forbidding entirely, in my opinion, is asking for trouble. I have 3 boys and my older two which are twins just recently turned 12.It's wonderful that you have open communication with your daughter, and the biggest issue would be to "keep" it that way. I'd advise her that she has plenty of time for these things, don't rush into anything, and keep it simple. If we were allowed upstairs in my room the door had to remain open. 13 for a boyfriend, sure, if you want to become a grandma really early! Why not ask her to describe how this would change her present status with you and the boy. Some 17-year-olds are not ready, I know some of them too. My husband and I have set the rule of no dating until 16.(08/27/2007) By ELRJ Yes, 13 is too young to "go out", but times have changed. DD14 will be turning 15 soon and has a "boyfriend". Personally, I found your request a bit amusing simply because I'm the mother of a 13 year old boy who "doesn't have a girlfriend". Some of his little friends "have girlfriends", and I think at times he feels left out.Personally our rule is no "dating" until you are 16. Yes, I think 13 is too young to be dating, but to simply be "talking" (as some of the young folks say) is okay (i.e. I think this is a normal part of socialization and as long as the situation remains innocent (talking only and with time limits, phone curfew, etc.), it'll be okay. We as parents can only hope we instill enough in our children for them to make good choices.

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