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While these icons are not the direct property of 321Chat.

Com we did find, size and manipulate each one, if you wish to display these avatars on another website, please do the right thing and link back to us.

I used to enjoy visiting chat rooms on AOL, and Yahoo from time to time.

A god firewall, a good virus protection system are musts on any computer, but the best weapon of all is something you can't buy. The majority of users just don't know how to protect themselves. They think their ISP is protecting them, but regardless of what any ISP says, they can't stop it all. A bot is a program that does things on IRC (or any other chat network) for whoever owns it.

I've never been to yahoo chatrooms before, a very long time ago there was this place called

I'm not sure if anyone heard of this place, if you've been around for the past 7-8yrs you might know of it.

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This is becoming the part of modern communications.

We've done our best to provide avatars of most races in a variety of ages in both photo realistic and cartoon style icons.

If we have over looked the type of avatar you most identify with, please let us know.

MSN chatrooms was pretty good too but of course this were before we had to pay for the services.

Simply click on the images to download, and from the chat, select them as your custom avatar.

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