10 most intimidating

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Two Girls Commit Murder, inspired by Slender Man Shooting in Vegas is linked to Slender Man This is a more contemporary but still extremely unsettling urban legend.The first discussion of this particular modern myth happens in 2007 – a user on the message board 4chan posted the following: “Okay, /x/, I need your help with this.

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There are reports that the he also has the ability to stretch and bend his arm in supernatural ways, and that his fingers are long, almost like claws, which he uses to scratch at the windows of his unsuspecting victims.The odd thing is that this company has plans to demolish the building and replace it for a luxury hotel – their plan was even approved by the government, but for unknown reasons, this plan was never executed – and the building is still standing today, and remains vacant and unused. Locals have often referred to the building as a haunted house – it is said that the spirits of the comfort women who died there remain in the building, and there are numerous accounts of people hearing screams and strange lights from inside the house.It is reported that in the 1960s, a young girl came out of the house and started trying to attack nearby police officers with extreme violence.It takes us all the way to Hong Kong – there is an abandoned building called Nam Koo Terrace that hasn’t been renovated or redeveloped, despite its prime location and Hong Kong’s lack of sufficient housing space.In fact, the building is owned by a major property developer – who knows why they’ve chosen to leave this particular building in its dilapidated state.

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