10 dating red flags

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We know that a guy who can’t stop talking about his ex is fishy, and one who gets caught lying once usually isn’t trustworthy.

We know these standard relationship red flags, but because the dating game isn’t quite difficult enough, there are also red flags that many people actually interpret to be green flags in the beginning. Some behaviors in the early days of a relationship can seem really positive, like an overflow of compliments or making promises and commitments right from the beginning. Check out this list of hidden relationship red flags, and green flags that can really be trusted!

Most guys will appear interested, but you can tell if he really is or not by how he responds.

Being thoughtful is such a rare trait these days, so if you notice that the person you’re dating takes the time to think of others every now and then, consider it a green light.

The 10 Red Flags of Domestic Violence include intimidation, domination, and jealousy.

Domestic violence can impact any one at any time, regardless or background, socio-economic status, and relationship history.

You might thank your lucky stars if the person you’ve just started seeing tells you that they’re never talking to their ex again.

After all, still remaining very close friends with an ex is probably a much more obvious red flag!

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