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Whatever you are going to talk about, with whomever, and for however long, start with confidence and as much charm as you’ve got.

First impressions matter in a conversation, and if you can pull off a good beginning it’s smoother sailing going forward.

Instead, you’ll just be wondering how long to wait to pop the “will you be my girlfriend” question. If you follow these steps, you’ll be in no-stress conversation mode every time a chatting opportunity arises.

It all comes down to the process.…And these steps/tips work wherever you want to keep a conversation going While there are plenty of articles out there that try to complicate the process of how to keep a conversation going with a girl, it is, in reality, incredible simple. Here is how to keep the conversation going with a girl: Look, there’s a lot of advice out there, but the best you’ll get anywhere on this topic is: start well.

You just need to find that perfect balance by having the right things to say to a girl you like on hand.

Use basic every-day topics to get a conversation going.

Listen…there is the easy way and the hard way to have a conversation with a girl.

The hard way is by improv, just coming up with it as you go. Settle upon a few intriguing topics before you even start talking, and then drop them in to keep the conversation going.

For instance, you can tell her, if she’s upset, that she really deserves to be treated better by her friends, or that you hate to see her hurt.

Remember: casual suggests confidence, so coming up and just asking her what she thinks about a class, a recent meeting, or some other shared experience is a great way to show her you’re an easy-going guy who’s easy to talk to.

Throw in a joke if you have one, or use some of your conversation starters from the section above.

Reporters actually use this as a technique all the time…

they continue to hold their microphone up, or continue to gaze at the person they’re interviewing, and the person will Here’s the bottom line: Panicking when there’s a silence makes for an awkward conversation, and makes you lose focus on those conversational leads.

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